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Juergen Goebeler

Software Management, Process, and Tools Specialist

Building on the experience of many years in the software business including ten years as a manager and consultant

  • leading global IT projects and teams of various sizes
  • developing management and R&D processes for teams and large organizations
  • managing business improvement
  • managing the entire product lifecycle from design to operation and maintenance
  • implementing and adapting systems and tools for R&D and IT management
  • integrating software and hardware components of complex products
  • providing classroom training and support
  • certified Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner


Services Designed to Meet Your Project Management Needs

Managing product development or business improvement by an experienced IT specialist

  • improving communication and visibility of your business
  • communicating better in the team and with the customer
  • developing and integrating IT products and services
  • developing ways of working and the supporting tools and systems

Add the needed competence and capacity to let you take advantage of new opportunities and allow your teams to focus on existing deadlines. Develop your processes and systems and free time for creative work.

Project Management

Project Management

Project management is traditionally seen as a clear set of activities performed for planning and executing a task and managing needed resources. But textbook project management alone rarely meets the needs of a specific project. Experience and flexibility in applying the best methodology, effective coordination with customer and stakeholders, visibility and accountability, and creating a good work culture are the keys to quality and success.

Offered Services:
  • IT project assignments
  • requirement management, coordination, risk management, planning, execution
  • team, project and program start-up support, team consulting
  • improvement projects
  • current state analyses, gap analyses, assessments
  • Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner assignments
  • tools setup, configuration, and deployment

Processes & Tools

Processes and Tools

Effective processes are the basis for quality and repeatability. They let your growing experience systematically enhance your ways of working. Processes also contribute to a good work environment and job satisfaction. Data exchange among systems and data presentation can be automated, and monotonous manual work significantly reduced.

Offered Services:
  • process development and documentation
  • assessment & current state analysis
  • process improvement: metrics, mapping, analysis, improvement, control
  • tool configuration: optimizing features and settings
  • tool adaptation: interoperability of systems, data exchange
  • deployment: planning, roll-out, training, documentation
  • presentation: reporting, monitoring, web integration
  • vendor management: requirement management, fault tracking, licensing

Metrics & Reporting

Metrics and Reporting

Understand your customers, your products, and your workflow. Monitoring status and trends provides you with clear facts for your investment decisions, managing risk, and responding to problems. They are an essential part of quality and continuous improvement. Define and monitor the key factors that affect the success of your business or team.

Offered Services:
  • definition of metrics and KPIs, identification of critical process and business metrics
  • measurement implementation
  • tool configuration
  • trend, reporting, analysis, and presentation
  • monitoring
  • incentive planning
  • analysis, design, implementation, documentation, training, deployment, maintenance

Web Site Development & Maintanance

Web Site Development & Maintanance

Improving visibility of your organization as well as internal and external communication:

Offered Services:
  • development of web sites or new functionality on Windows and Unix/Linux web servers
  • updating and maintenance of existing web sites and applications
  • site administration, domain handling, technical ownership
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, CGI; UNIX/LINUX and Windows platforms
  • Microsoft® ASP.NET dynamic web applications and data-driven solutions
  • wikis and content management systems (CMS), Microsoft® SharePoint®
  • requirements analysis, design, implementation, selection of hosting service, staging/testing, deployment and training
  • localized web sites including English, German, and Finnish translations

Communication & Information Management

Communication & Information Management

Good communication and information management significantly reduces risk, saves cost of re-work, and accelerates your activities.

Offered Services:
  • communication and information management processes for teams and organizations
  • requirement-driven: individual solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer
  • process documentation
  • tool configuration and customization
  • document management
  • collaboration tools
  • Microsoft® SharePoint® integration
  • training, deployment, maintenance

VBA/VSTO Programming & Office Customization

VBA/VSTO Programming & Office Customization

Utilizing programming interfaces of your existing systems and support for common document formats is an extremely cost-effective and flexible way to manage data without investing in specialized tools and their costly support.

Offered Services:
  • Microsoft® Office application programming with Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA)
  • add-in programming with VBA and Visual Studio® Tools for Office (VSTO), application-level customization
  • document-level customization, Office-based solutions
  • automated data import and export interfacing various systems
  • automatic report generation and publishing in various formats (PowerPoint, HTML, Wiki, Word, etc.)
  • customization and extension of other software with built-in programming capability
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